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2014 NFL Season Review: Worst Offensive Performances

A look back at the 2014 season through the lens of the Winning Stats. Which games did the Colts excel in each statistic, and which games were the best in this NFL season?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last couple weeks we've looked at the best Offensive games, as well as the best Defensive games for both the Colts and in the NFL, but now it's time to look at the flip side: the worst games. This week we'll look at the Offense, and as you can imagine, one game stood out in multiple categories. Let's dive into some stats that don't look pretty.

Statistic Opponent Week Score Value
DSR Titans 17 27-10 62.5%
ANPY/A Patriots 20 7-45 1.550
Turnovers Ravens 5 20-13 4.13
Yds/Drive Cowboys 16 7-42 17.74
ToP/Drive Steelers 8 34-51 1:37.4
Yds/Play Cowboys 16 7-42 3.684
Orange Zone Eff Cowboys 16 7-42 29.2%
First Downs/Drive Titans 17 27-10 1.03
3rd/4th Down Texans 15 17-10 21.3%
Avg Start Pos Redskins 13 49-27 20.0
3 and Outs Cowboys 16 7-42 6.29
RZ Eff Jaguars 12 23-3 44.7%
Plays/Drive Redskins 13 49-27 4.217
Penalty Yds / Play Redskins 13 49-27 1.535
RB Success Cowboys 16 7-42 1.3%
Yds/Carry Cowboys 16 7-42 0.08
  • The Cowboys game shows up six times in our list, including just 17 yards per Drive, under four Yards per Play, and those putrid rushing numbers. It's best we just forget that afternoon happened.
  • You see the Week 17 game against the Titans showing up a couple times, which means we saw a good picture of what would happen were Andrew Luck to get hurt and Matt Hasselbeck forced into duty. Let's not have that happen.
  • The Colts had their worst passing day in the worst possible game: the AFC Title game against the Patriots, with just a little over 1.5 ANPY/A. That's not what you want in the biggest game of the year, but sadly it's what we saw.
  • In a year of so many turnovers for the Colts, and a bunch of wins, it's only fitting the most came in a win over the Ravens. We've talked at length about the Colts struggles with Turnovers throughout the season, and that's needs to be point of emphasis #1 for them this offseason.
  • I don't remember 3rd/4th downs being so bad against the Texans in Week 15, but 21% is a really bad number. Thankfully the Defense stepped up in a big way that afternoon.
  • The Colts had the fewest Plays per Drive against the Redskins, slightly over four per, but clearly this wasn't a bad thing, as they torched the Redskins any time they wanted to. Sometimes these stats can be a bit misleading, and here's a good example of it.

Here's the overall NFL worsts, and sadly we see the Colts here as well:

Statistic Team Opponent Week Score Value
DSR Browns Bengals 15 0-30 35.1%
ANPY/A Browns Bengals 15 0-30 -0.754
Turnovers Redskins Giants 4 14-45 6.01
Yds/Drive Cardinals Panthers 18 16-27 7.05
ToP/Drive Eagles Seahawks 14 14-24 1:25.5
Yds/Play Cardinals Panthers 18 16-27 1.867
Orange Zone Eff Titans Giants 14 7-36 -4.7%
First Downs/Drive Buccaneers Packers 16 3-20 0.36
3rd/4th Down Bengals Patriots 5 17-43 2.5%
Avg Start Pos Redskins Buccaneers 11 7-27 14.4
3 and Outs Bengals Colts 7 0-27 8.96
RZ Eff Panthers Steelers 3 19-37 -5.0%
Plays/Drive Browns Bengals 15 0-30 3.510
Penalty Yds / Play Patriots Vikings 2 30-7 2.691
RB Success Colts Cowboys 16 7-42 1.3%
Yds/Carry Colts Cowboys 16 7-42 0.08
  • That rushing performance against the Cowboys is an all-time terrible game, and hopefully we never see anything like it again. I've been quite vocal with my thoughts on the importance of a running game, but that is ridiculous.
  • The Colts do show up on the good side here, though, as the worst performance in Three and Outs comes from the Bengals in Week 7.
  • Johnny Manziel's first NFL start shows up 3 times here, including our two most important stats to winning, which gives me a little bit of a grin. Man was that performance bad.
  • The Cardinals only averaged seven yards per drive in their Playoff loss to the Panthers. Yikes.
  • There are some truly terrible numbers here. I've never looked at a chart like this, putting all the bad numbers in one place, but this is quite impressive to look at.