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Colts Will Hold Open Mini-Camp Practice for Fans at Lucas Oil Stadium on June 10

The Indianapolis Colts will once again hold an open mini-camp practice for fans at Lucas Oil Stadium on June 10 as part of their offseason program.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts will return to the field on April 20 as they begin their offseason program, but these practices will be closed to fans.  For most teams, the first time that fans have to see the squad in action on the field is during training camp, but for Indianapolis Colts fans, there's an opportunity that comes a month earlier.

As they have done a few times recently, the Colts will hold an open mini-camp practice at Lucas Oil Stadium on Wednesday, June 10 that is open to the public.  This will be during the Colts' veteran mini-camp from June 9-11, the last time the Colts will be together as a team before convening in Anderson for training camp - likely in late July, though the dates have yet to be officially announced.

The Colts' offseason program will start much earlier than that open practice, however, as they begin their workout program on April 20.  Their OTAs (Organized Team Activities) begin on May 18 and they are permitted to hold ten of them over the following few weeks.  As for rookie mini-camp, the Colts will hold theirs the weekend after the draft, on May 8-10.  The veteran mini-camp will then follow a month later to wrap up the offseason program, culminating during the practices from June 9-11 and featuring the open practice for fans.

It's not much to get excited over, but it is something cool that the Colts do in order to get fans early exposure to this year's version of the team.  More details will be announced as it gets closer, but if you're around the Indianapolis area and have a free Wednesday, it's a cool event that allows you to see the Colts early, if only for a mini-camp practice.