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Greatest Game in Indianapolis Colts History: (1) '03 Broncos WC vs. (16) '04 Texans (H)

Which game in Indianapolis Colts history is the greatest ever? We'll be determining that this offseason tournament-style. Get your vote in now!

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

The first round of our Greatest Game in Indianapolis Colts History Tournament continues this morning with two games each featuring five TD passes from Peyton Manning. One game, however, had a little more significance.

(1) 2003 Wild Card vs. Broncos

The Colts were 0-3 in the Playoffs with Peyton Manning coming into this game, and they were beaten soundly by the Broncos 31-17 just two weeks prior. (By the way, the 17 there is misleading, as Gary Brackett scored a TD that day too.) The Offensive explosion we saw from Manning and the Colts that afternoon was the springboard for his epic 2004 season, as well as what we could expect to see over the next seven seasons. It was 31-3 at the half, with the Colts scoring on four 20+ yard TD passes (2x Marvin Harrison, 2x Brandon Stokely). The Broncos never had a chance (per usual in the Playoffs against the Colts), and Manning had his first Playoff win.


(16) 2004 vs. Texans (H)

If I told you that in Indianapolis Colts history they've only thrown for 5+ touchdowns in a game nine times, and only two didn't happen in 2003 or 2004, would you believe me? It certainly surprised me when I found this out, but this game against Houston in 2004 was one of them, a 49-14 thumping that was a snoozer just after halftime. The Colts made it 35-0 after a patented Robert Mathis strip-sack and Bob Sanders fumble return for a TD, and both Brandon Stokely and Dallas Clark had a pair of TD catches in the route. Manning only threw for 5 or more TDs once more in his Colts career, and that was 11 days later on Thanksgiving in Detroit (he threw 6).


Voting closes at Midnight (PT) on Sunday night. Get your vote in now!