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Colts 2015 Regular Season Schedule to be Announced Tuesday

The NFL will announce their 2015 regular season schedule on Tuesday night, meaning we'll finally find out the schedule for the Colts.

We finally have a date for the 2015 regular season schedule to be released, as the league announced this morning that the schedule will be released on Tuesday night (April 21).  The release will come as part of a primetime show on NFL Network from 8-11 p.m. ET (yes, that's right, a three-hour show for a schedule release.  The NFL is king).

For the Colts, this means that we'll know their schedule on Tuesday night as well.  They figure to have the maximum amount of primetime games (five), though we won't know for sure how many, who those games will be against, or when they will take place until tomorrow night.  What we do know, however, are the Colts' opponents for next season:

Indianapolis Colts 2015 Opponents
Houston Texans Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans

Denver Broncos Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots Miami Dolphins
New York Jets Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints Carolina Panthers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pittsburgh Steelers

The Colts will play the other three teams in the AFC South division twice next season as normal (one home and one away), and they will also face the NFC South and AFC East divisions.  And then because the Colts won their division, they will play the other three AFC division champions: the Patriots (already on the schedule due to the AFC East division), the Broncos (AFC West), and the Steelers (AFC North).

Keep an eye out for teams like the Broncos, Patriots, Saints, and/or Steelers to be primetime matchups with the Colts, along with possibly a division opponent (perhaps on Thursday night football).  It won't be speculation for long, however, as the schedule will be announced on Tuesday night.  We'll have complete coverage here on Stampede Blue for you tomorrow evening, but for now, what games do you think will be primetime matchups for the Colts in 2015?