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Predicting the Indianapolis Colts' 2015 Schedule

It's still way too early to do 2015 season predictions… but who cares? We take our first shot at picking the Colts' schedule in 2015.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL schedule was just released tonight, and we have complete coverage for you here.  Of course, we all know that it's way, way too early to start predicting the schedule… but who cares?  You all want to read it and we're all excited about the 2015 season, so let's take a very early pre-draft look at the schedule game-by-game:

Week 1: at Buffalo Bills

The Colts open the season at Buffalo in Rex Ryan's first game as Bills head coach.  He should have the Bills' defense ready to go and it should be a formidable unit, and an offense led by LeSean McCoy should be decent.  The real headline of this game will be the Colts' offense versus the Bills' defense, however, and I think the Bills pull out a close one at home.  LOSS

Week 2: New York Jets

The Colts' home opener takes place on Monday Night Football in week two for the second straight season, and the Colts will be looking for a different result this time around.  The Jets' defense should be good in 2015, but their offense has too many question marks.  The Colts get their first win of the season.  WIN

Week 3: at Tennessee Titans

This game is a hard one to predict before the draft, because we really don't know who the Titans will get.  Will they have Phillip Rivers at quarterback?  Marcus Mariota?  Zach Mettenberger?  These questions could have a significant impact, but the bottom line is that the Titans are arguably the NFL's worst team and need a lot of work.  Another win for the Colts.  WIN

Week 4: Jacksonville Jaguars

A second-straight divisional matchup for the Colts should bring with it a second-straight divisional win.  The Jaguars could be improved, but they still won't be nearly as good as the Colts are.  WIN

Week 5: at Houston Texans

In Andre Johnson's return to Houston, it should be a good game on Thursday Night Football between the best two teams in the AFC South.  At home and with an improved roster, I think the Texans' end the Colts division win streak and get a big week five win. LOSS

Week 6: New England Patriots

This is the biggest regular season game of the year for the Colts, as I'm not assuming they'll be in a must-win game late in the season since they play in the AFC South.  The Colts need to have an impressive showing against the Patriots and at very least show that they can compete with them and stop their run game.  I think the Colts will be up for the game and get a huge victory over New England for the first time since 2009.  WIN

Week 7: New Orleans Saints

If the Colts do beat the Patriots, it will be a huge burden off of their backs and they will have notched their biggest win of the season.  That sets up for a classic trap game the following week, and that game would be against Drew Brees and the Saints in a rematch of Super Bowl XLIV.  After a big win against New England, the Colts come back down to earth and see the Saints offense have a big day against Indy's defense. LOSS

Week 8: at Carolina Panthers

It's never easy to go on the road in a primetime atmosphere and win, but that's what the Colts will be trying to do in 2015 when they go to Carolina.  The Panthers should be a formidable opponent next season and it should be a good game, but I think the Colts pull out the win.  WIN

Week 9: Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning returns to Indianapolis with the Broncos looking to get revenge for Denver's divisional round playoff loss to the Colts last year.  I do think the Colts will be a better team this year, however, and they somehow pull out a win at home on a short week against Manning's Broncos. WIN

Week 10: BYE WEEK

Week 11: at Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons had a terrible year in 2014 but they should be much improved in 2015, giving the Colts quite a test.  Matt Ryan will likely put up a fight against the Colts' defense, but in the end Andrew Luck and the Colts' offense outscores Atlanta for the win.  WIN

Week 12: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Colts could be facing Jameis Winston in Indianapolis in week 12, and that would make for an intriguing matchup.  But while it'd be an intriguing game to watch, the Colts all be better than Tampa Bay in 2015 and that will show in another win for Indy.  WIN

Week 13: at Pittsburgh Steelers

On the road against the Steelers on Sunday Night Football in December isn't an easy matchup, particularly when the Steelers' quarterback (Ben Roethlisberger) had a record-setting day against the Colts last year.  This just doesn't seem like a game that the Colts will win, when looking at it in April before the draft. LOSS

Week 14: at Jacksonville Jaguars

In the second game of the year against the Jaguars, the Colts keep the result the same by sweeping Jacksonville for the third straight season.  The Jaguars typically play the Colts tough and this game should be no different, but the Colts will find a way to pull it out. WIN

Week 15: Houston Texans

The Houston Texans have never won in Indianapolis, and that streak won't end in 2015.  Houston is likely to have a good team this season, but the Colts are still the best team in the division and they notch a win in Indy over the division rival. WIN

Week 16: at Miami Dolphins

I think that the Dolphins could be a pretty good team in 2015, and this could end up being one of the tougher games for the Colts this season.  The Colts lost the last time the two teams played (in 2013) and the time before it took a great day from Andrew Luck (2012), and I think it'll take a big day from the team's quarterback once again to get a win.  Luck does just that, however, as the Colts win in Miami. WIN

Week 17: Tennessee Titans

The season-finale for the Colts is at home against the Titans, and while Tennessee could look much different next season (depending on the quarterback), the Colts still sweep them on the season. WIN


The bottom line is that this is sure to be wrong, because it's WAY TOO EARLY to make these predictions.  But it's fun to do nonetheless, as long as we keep in mind that a lot will change as we approach the season.  Still, though, it's something fun to discuss, so let's do just that: what do you expect the Colts' record in 2015 to be?