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Colts Wide Receiver Duron Carter: "It's a Dream Come True"

New Colts wide receiver Duron Carter had a long road to get to where he's at today, but he called it "a dream come true."


Wide receiver Duron Carter has had a long road to get to where he's at today, which is as an exciting new addition to the Colts' wide receiver position.  He spent time at four colleges, had trouble getting a shot in the NFL, and then wound up in the Canadian Football League.  "Just being immature," Carter said about his past, per ESPN. "Not taking school serious. I always knew I was a football player and I always wanted to be in the NFL.

"I didn't really know the route it took to get there. I messed that opportunity up, a few opportunities, really. And for me I'm really on my last chance and making sure I do everything day to day, doing everything right, not making any wrong decisions. Don't shoot myself in the foot. That's what I always seem to do before."

For Carter, the son of NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter, not only does he know he's on his last chance but he's also ecstatic to be here after such a long journey.  "Everyday just coming into the facility, "Carter marveled as he commented on appreciating it more.  "It feels great driving in. I got my own little key card. I'm a Colt. It's a dream come true."

Carter brings with him a lot of talent and potential that made him a sought-after free agent out of the CFL earlier this offseason.  He came to Indianapolis in large part because of the quarterback, Andrew Luck, and now Carter is looking to do whatever he can to help his new team win.

"I'm just your average Joe," Carter told the media on Wednesday.  "I'm just coming in here and trying to get better, working and help the team any way that I can. That's my goal this year."

Asked about what he brings to the offense, Carter was pretty clear: "Big play ability. That's what I pride myself on and want to be as far as a receiver and everything. Just going down the field and scoring touchdowns, making a big play."

That's likely the role that Carter will play, at least initially.  The hope is that he will earn the fourth wide receiver spot in training camp and then play a smaller role in which he's a deep threat, big play guy.  That would be an ideal role for him to start off his NFL career, while he continues to adjust and develop his game.  He's rather raw, but he's also a guy with a ton of talent for the Colts to work with.  And learning from Andrew Luck, Andre Johnson, and others is something that Carter is looking forward to.

"He's great," Carter said of Luck.  "I've never been around a quarterback like him. He's just so in-depth with detail. If we miss a route, we've got to run it again. Everything is precise and to the point. That's what you need."

As for Johnson, Carter said that, "I can still remember being at home down in South Florida watching him in college. Having him as a role model and a teammate is really a dream come true."

The entire experience of being with the Colts for Carter is a dream come true, and he appears motivated to move on from a past full of immaturity to a new career in the NFL, and he's looking to help the Colts in whatever way he can.  Without a doubt, he'll be one of the most interesting players to watch this offseason and into training camp.