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Colts Targeting June Return for Right Tackle Gosder Cherilus

According to Colts general manager Ryan Grigson, the Colts are targeting a June return for right tackle Gosder Cherilus, though hopefully sooner.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis Colts' right tackle Gosder Cherilus had a season full of injuries and struggles in 2014, and his season was ended before the Colts' wild card playoff game as he was finally placed on injured reserve.

All offseason, Colts general manager Ryan Grigson has taken a wait and see approach regarding their right tackle, and that's the same approach he had today when he held his pre-draft press conference.  He said that he gets updates from the team's trainer and is just in a wait and see approach, but Grigson did give a bit of significant information when he said that the timeline for Cherilus' return is "June - June-ish" but that hopefully it will be sooner.

Grigson was asked quite a bit about the status of Cherilus in today's presser, and understandably so, as he has been very noncommittal and not giving many definitive answers this offseason.  The same was true today, and it does seem as if there still are some questions from the team regarding the health and play of Cherilus.  Grigson won't say any of that publicly, however, but he also isn't giving anything definitive.

The hope is that Gosder Cherilus will be back healthy and that he'll return to a solid level of play again for the Colts at the right tackle position.  That's the hope.  But until he actually gets back on the field and starts working, it'll be hard for the team to know for sure on that, and that's why they are in a wait and see approach right now when it comes to Cherilus.

The Colts hope that he can be back by June, and I'm assuming that means they are hoping that he will be back for their veteran minicamp held from June 9-11 - because after that the Colts won't be together until training camp.  So when Grigson says that June is the timeline, I would expect that he's meaning the minicamp.

The Colts are working with a number of injured guys and they're all in a wait and see approach right now, but right tackle Gosder Cherilus is one of the most notable and significant.  And for him, the timetable is June.