Bust or Breakout Colts

Sir Ingenious brought this up in another thread, and I thought it deserved it's own section. So credit to him for the original idea.

The Colts have a ton of guys who have high expectations that could really step up and make a difference this year, stay mediocre, or bust. I will list some players that Ingenious called out along with a few more and would be curious what everyone things they will do.

Bjoern Werner- Does he finally adjust to the 3-4 or will he remain mediocre?

Khaled Holmes- Has shown talent in limited PT. Does he start the whole season and give us an above average Center or does he flame out and get replaced?

Vick Ballard- Solid rookie year but hasn't stayed healthy. Where does he fit in our rotation and can he stay healthy?

Josh Chapman- Does the 900 lb safe continue to get pushed around, or does he start pushing back?

Daniel Adongo- Will great strength and athleticism trump limited experience and skill?

Donald Thomas- Much like Ballard, can he stay healthy? If so, would he start considering the other pieces we have brought in?

Gosder Cherilus- Will we see healthy Gosder like in 2013 when he was a very solid RT or injured Gosder like 2014 who was a liability?

D'Qwell Jackson- Got lots of crap from people on here, and his offseason didn't help. Will another year in the system make a difference?

Hugh Thornton- Potential but hasn't lived up to it yet. Does that change in 2015?

What say you?

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