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NFL Mock Draft 2015: Peter King Projects Colts to Take Safety Landon Collins in the First Round

In his most recent draft, the Monday Morning Quarterback's Peter King had the Colts taking Alabama safety Landon Collins in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Two more days.  We're just two days away from the start of the NFL Draft, and intrigue in the draft is at its annual peak.  There are a number of mock drafts released at this time of year, and one notable one that was released just today is from the Monday Morning Quarterback's Peter King - one of the most well-known and influential voices in the football media.  In the first round of King's mock draft, he has the Indianapolis Colts taking Alabama safety Landon Collins.

I always wonder about an Alabama guy when Ozzie Newsome passes on him. But Collins' slide probably deserves to end right around here. He's one of the most versatile players in this draft, having played both safety positions, cornerback and key roles on special teams. Good tackler, very instinctive, classic Nick Saban leader of the secondary. The Colts will be able to use him at several spots and can use his defensive playmaking ability.

This would be the ideal scenario for the Colts.  General manager Ryan Grigson has noted publicly how good he thinks Collins is, he is the best safety in the draft class, and the Colts really could use help at safety.  Collins would be a pick that makes a ton of sense if he falls to pick number 29 (which is very uncertain) and I would imagine that the Colts would be running the pick up to turn it in.

Collins could step in and compete for playing time with the veteran duo of Mike Adams and Dwight Lowery, and it would figure that Collins could at least split time with Lowery while also being the long-term option for the Colts at the position, since both Adams and Lowery are veterans.

There are doubts about whether Landon Collins will be available when the Colts pick, but there shouldn't be very many doubts about what the Colts will do if it does happen.  He's a guy that they like and would help significantly at the team's biggest position of need.

What would you think about the Colts getting Landon Collins in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft?