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Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson on Running Back Depth in Draft: "It's Strong"

Colts general manager Ryan Grigson was asked about the running back position in the upcoming draft and he said that, "I think it's strong."

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Draft will kick off tomorrow night from Chicago with the first round, and the second and third rounds will follow on Friday night with rounds four through seven concluding on Saturday.  Much of the talk has centered around the Colts' first round pick, and it's pretty clear that the pick is unlikely to be a running back.  But later in the draft?  Running back could become a target for Indianapolis.

It might be on day two or it might be on day three, but I would be very surprised if the Colts don't add a back in the draft.  After all, Colts general manager Ryan Grigson really likes the depth at the position in the draft.

"I think it's strong," Grigson said at his pre-draft press conference last week.  "I think it's strong and there are a lot of different types of backs. There's one that we call a freeway type runner that doesn't have a lot of shake and bake or make you miss or creativity but if there's a lane, they can hit their head on the goal post because they have really great top end speed and really great big play ability. There are big play runners in the draft. There are grinders in the draft. There are third down complementary guys in the draft.

"It's nice to see. Along with wide receiver, there's going to be some guys that are pushed down that I think are going to be some real value picks I think in this draft at both of those spots. It's nice to see but again, it's who's up there and I think we've shown, regardless of need, in the past, I think we're pretty good about being disciplined to our board and taking the best player available even if it looks unorthodox from the outside."

A running back would make sense for the Colts.  They signed veteran Frank Gore this offseason to be their starter, but Gore is a 31-year old back and so the Colts will be looking for a long-term answer, plus they could use the depth this year.  Boom Herron was impressive in 2014 and he'll be back and competing for a significant role, but he won't be guaranteed anything at this point.  And while Zurlon Tipton shouldn't be forgotten, he also likely isn't a serious candidate to enter the top of the rotation at the position.

Therefore, there could be a need for a running back in the draft, and there does appear to be good depth for the Colts to consider.  While this likely won't factor into their thinking on Thursday night, the running back position is one to keep an eye on for the Colts on Friday and Saturday.