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NFL Draft 2015 Results: Colts will Face Top Three Overall Picks in 2015

The top three picks in the NFL Draft tonight were Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, and Dante Fowler Jr., and the Indianapolis Colts will face all three of them this season - including Mariota and Fowler twice.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is finally here, and for as much hype as there was leading up to it, the first two picks were about as simple as could be.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers took Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston first overall, while the Tennessee Titans took Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota second overall.  Both teams got what they believe is a franchise quarterback, and the Indianapolis Colts will face both of them in the 2015 season.

The Colts will first face Mariota and the Titans on the road in week three on September 27, and then they will also face them in week seventeen on January 3 at Lucas Oil Stadium for the regular season finale.  As for Jameis Winston and the Bucs, the Colts will face them in week 12, on November 29, at home.  Winston will be the third number one overall quarterback that the Colts will face in a span of four games, along with the Panthers' Cam Newton and the Broncos' Peyton Manning.

As for the Jacksonville Jaguars, who had the third overall pick and also are in the AFC South, they added Dante Fowler Jr. out of Florida.  When you face Andrew Luck twice a year (and now Marcus Mariota twice a year, too), you need someone who can get after the passer, and that's what Fowler is.  The Colts will face the Jaguars at home on October 4 in week four, as well as in week fourteen on the road on December 13.

The AFC South has significantly improved tonight, including the Titans possibly getting a franchise quarterback.  But in the short term, it's likely that the Colts will see a lot of the top three picks in the draft in 2015.

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