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Greatest Game in Indianapolis Colts History: (8) '04 Packers vs. (9) '88 Broncos

Which game in Indianapolis Colts history is the greatest ever? We'll be determining that this offseason tournament-style. Get your vote in now!

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The first round of our Greatest Game in Indianapolis Colts History Tournament continues this morning with two Offensive-heavy games from different eras.

(8) 2004 vs. Packers

The Colts played in a lot of shootout games back in the early part of the '00s, but this one stands out above a lot of the others because of the opposing QB (Brett Favre), and the great the first half was. The two teams combined for 52 points, they traded touchdowns on the first five possessions of the game, and the Colts reached the end zone five of the first six times they touched the ball. We did see a few punts in the 2nd half, but the Colts prevailed 45-31 in a highly entertaining game at the RCA Dome. Peyton Manning was 28-40 for 393 yards and 5 TDs on the day, while Javon Walker had 200 yards receiving and 3 TD passes from Favre in the loss. While frustrating to see so many close games during this era, you definitely couldn't say the Colts weren't entertaining.


(9) 1988 vs. Broncos

Finally, the city of Indianapolis got to host a Monday Night Football game, waiting four years since the Colts arrival to do so. It was Halloween night, and Eric Dickerson was celebrating his one-year anniversary of being a member of the Colts; he did so in grand fashion too. He scored his 4th TD of the night when there was 11:47 remaining in the 2nd quarter, thanks to three Bronco fumbles, and the Colts led 31-0 before the Broncos converted their second 1st Down of the game. The Colts also set a franchise record for points in the first half (45), which still stands today (Manning-era best was 37), on their way to a 55-23 beatdown of the Broncos. Dickerson finished with 159 yards on the ground on just 21 carries, barely seeing the field in the 2nd half. The game that put Indianapolis on the NFL map.


Voting closes at Midnight (PT) on Tuesday night. Get your vote in now!