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2015 NFL Draft Grades for Colts' Pick of Phillip Dorsett in the First Round

The Indianapolis Colts selected Phillip Dorsett in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft, so let's take a look at what grade the pick has received from various different media members.

Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The first round of the NFL Draft is now over, and the Indianapolis Colts grabbed Miami wide receiver Phillip Dorsett with their first round pick, number 29 overall.

Of course, in today's media age draft grades are HUGE, and so there already have been several posted around the internet.  Let's take a look at what a few of them say about the Colts' pick, as well as what you said last night in our poll.'s Bryan Fisher gave the pick a B-

The skinny: The Colts added another speedy wideout to what was already one of the deepest receiving corps in the league. While Andrew Luck will no doubt be happy, the team could have addressed another position such as offensive line or upgraded its defense. There are some questions about Dorsett's ability, but this team will have offensive weapons for days.

Sports Illustrated's Chris Burke and Doug Farrar gave the pick a B- as well:

The Colts are clearly looking to stretch the field in a major way, making life very difficult for enemy defenses.​

SB Nation's Dan Kadar gave the pick a C+

Unless I'm messing up the projection, Dorsett won't be able to keep Andrew Luck upright. Dorsett has the chance to be a great player. But with T.Y. Hilton and Andre Johnson on the roster, how many targets is Dorsett going to get? General manager Ryan Grigson has put a lot of assets into offensive skill positions, but at some point he'll have to fill holes in the trenches.

CBS Sports' Pete Prisco gave the Colts an A for the pick:

I love the addition of speed. And this kid can fly. He's small and so is T.Y. Hilton, but there is no substitute for speed -- especially with Andrew Luck.

As for Colts fans, we had a poll last night for you all to vote, and they didn't like the pick nearly as much as some analysts, with the most popular grade among Colts fans who voted being an "F":

poll dorsett

What does this show us?  I think it's actually pretty simple: that Phillip Dorsett is a good player but that the pick probably wasn't the best.  This is the same thing that we mentioned last night and it remains true today.  For many of the analysts, they're looking at the player drafted, while Colts fans are looking at the players not drafted - in other words, the needs remaining and what the current team has.  I think when we combine both of those aspects - combine the fact that Dorsett really is a good player but that the pick might not have been the best one at number 29 - we see that the pick should probably be graded somewhere around a B-, which is what some of the media gave out.  I think that's perfectly fair and pretty reasonable considering both of the aspects we looked at.