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Colts Release Return Specialist Josh Cribbs

In a non-surprising roster move, the Indianapolis Colts have released return specialist Josh Cribbs.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

In a very non-surprising roster move today, the Indianapolis Colts announced that they have released return specialist Josh Cribbs.

Last season with the Colts, Cribbs played in six games and returned 19 punts (averaging 6.6 yards per return) and 19 kick returns (averaging 32 yards per return).  He provided a spark that the Colts haven't had in the return game in quite a while, but at the same time he provided some crucial mistakes.  He didn't fair catch much at all, and it almost became a major issue in the divisional round against the Broncos.  It was always likely that Cribbs wasn't going to be back next season, but the Colts were waiting until they got someone else to return.  They did that last night in the draft in Miami wide receiver Phillip Dorsett.

Dorsett noted today in an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio that he knows "for a fact" that the Colts will use him as their punt returner, and it's likely that they'll use him as a kick returner as well.  Because of that, the Colts now have a receiver who will make the team based on his receiving talent who can also return kicks, rather than having a return specialist occupy a roster spot.

Now, I didn't think this had to be said, but I guess it does: the Colts didn't draft Phillip Dorsett to be a returner.  They drafted him to be a wide receiver, but he can also help them in the return game.  So stop with the stupid "we spent a first round pick on a returner?" statements, because they didn't.  Rather, this just makes the move better, because the Colts won't have to keep a roster spot just for a return specialist.