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Pro Football Focus Top 101: Andrew Luck, T.Y. Hilton, Anthony Castonzo Make the List (so far)

Pro Football Focus is ranking the top 101 players in the NFL from 2014 and three Colts have appeared on the list so far: wide receiver T.Y. Hilton (90), quarterback Andrew Luck (84), and left tackle Anthony Castonzo (66).

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Pro Football Focus' grading system is a fantastic tool for teams, media, and fans alike, as it gives a much better idea of how good a player actually is.  These grades shouldn't be taken as the end-all, but they can be helpful.  With that said, however, the grading system does have its limitations.

Take, for example, Andrew Luck.  Last season, PFF had him ranked as the ninth-best quarterback in the league - still a very good mark, but not as good as many think he actually is.  And in PFF's ranking of the top 101 players in the NFL, Luck came in 84th.  Here's what they wrote about the Colts' quarterback:

It still holds true for Luck that no player has quite the extremes in terms of what their highlight reel and lowlight reel produces. Indeed it's a testament to just how good he can be at times that despite an adjusted accuracy percentage that was only 16th in the league his ability to make the big time throws and play pushed him up to ninth overall in our passer grades.

This ranking isn't really a surprise, because again, PFF tends to underrate Luck with their grading system.  It highlights the limitations that come with the system, and while it can give us a general idea of how good Luck is, it cannot give us the complete picture.  Simply put, Luck's style of play doesn't grade well with PFF.  I think it's pretty clear that he's better than just the 84th best player in the league.

As for other Colts on the list so far (they've revealed numbers 51-101 to this point), wide receiver T.Y. Hilton appeared on the list at number 90 and left tackle Anthony Castonzo appeared on the list at number 66.

Here's what PFF wrote about Hilton:

Hilton started the season like a man possessed, but tailed off a little as the weeks went by, with 64.4% of his yards coming in his first eight games of the season. Still the Colts' top target had a fantastic year as the go-to guy for Andrew Luck, ending with seven games of triple digit yardage including the playoffs, with an ability to take the top of a defense.

Here's what PFF wrote about Castonzo:

There may not be a more difficult job in pass protection than being the left tackle for the Colts. More seven-step drops, more drop-backs and more time with the QB holding onto the ball make it the lethal combination for a pass protector. So credit to Castonzo who has got better each and every year since entering the league, developing into an accomplished pass protector with 2014 being his finest example yet.

Overall, this is a nice list that recognizes some of the top players from the 2014 season, and while it has some limitations (such as PFF's rating of Luck), it's a helpful list to look at to get a general idea - just don't take it as gospel.  Do you think any other Colts will make the list?  Vontae Davis will likely rank somewhere in the top 50, but do you think any other Colts deserve to be on their top 101 list?