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The Colts and Safety Dwight Lowery were a "Good Fit" in Free Agency

The Indianapolis Colts really needed a safety, and Dwight Lowery needed a team. Lowery noted, per ESPN, that it was a "good fit" for him, but it was also a good fit for the team as well.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Think back just a few months ago on where the Indianapolis Colts' safety position was.  They brought back Mike Adams in free agency but had no one else.  They re-signed Colt Anderson, but he's mainly a special teams guy and backup safety.  Dewey McDonald and Winston Guy were the focus of some discussion, but neither gave much confidence for being a starting safety.  And in the draft, the Colts added Clayton Geathers in the fourth round to develop.  One key free agent signing, albeit a late one, could prove to be huge for the Colts in 2015: safety Dwight Lowery.

Simply put, the Colts didn't have any other good options besides Lowery before he was brought in, and that's still the case.  By all indications, it would appear that it will be Mike Adams and Dwight Lowery starting at safety for the Colts in 2015, and though that's a veteran duo, it should be a solid one as well.  And though Adams hasn't officially been named the starter yet, it's very likely that he will end up being just that, and head coach Chuck Pagano likes his new safety as well.

"He's got athleticism," Pagano said, per ESPN's Mike Wells. "He's played a lot of snaps of football.  He's smart.  He is in a real similar situation to picking up Mike when we got Mike a year ago.  He's a veteran guy who has played and understands the game and it's not going to be too big for him."

As Wells notes, the Colts liked Lowery because of his experience - an aspect that the team hopes will help bring some stability and consistency to a defense that didn't have much of it in 2014.  But what did Lowery like about the Colts?

"It was a good fit," Lowery said, per Wells. "When you get older, I think you look at more of that type of stuff than chasing the dollar or whatever you want to call it.  It was just a good fit between myself and the team.  That's how it ended up working."

In his seven-year career, Lowery has played in 84 games (starting 56) and has recorded 259 tackles, four sacks, 50 passes defensed, 12 interceptions (two returned for touchdowns) and seven forced fumbles.  In 2014, Lowery played in all 16 games and started 15 of them for the Atlanta Falcons, notching 79 tackles, a sack, five passes defensed, two interceptions, and two forced fumbles.  If he could bring that type of production to Indianapolis, that would be huge.  The team is just hoping that he can stay healthy (something that has been a problem for him in his career) and keep up that type of play in the Colts' secondary alongside Mike Adams, a Pro Bowler in 2014.

The Colts' safety position definitely won't be among the best in the league in 2015, but with two reliable veterans in Mike Adams and Dwight Lowery at the spot, it shouldn't be the massive weakness that many feared either.  And considering where the state of the position was just a few months ago, it's easy to see why the signing of Dwight Lowery a bit later in the free agency process could wind up paying big dividends for the Colts this season.