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Who Should the Colts Induct into their Ring of Honor Next?

Here's an interesting offseason discussion: who would be the next person you would want the Colts to induct into their Ring of Honor?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot of talk about Ring of Honors recently for NFL teams.  Last week, the Baltimore Ravens announced that safety Ed Reed will be inducted into their Ring of Honor this season.  Tuesday, we found out that tickets were sold out to watch quarterback Brett Favre's induction into the Green Bay Packers' Hall of Fame.  Yesterday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced that fullback Mike Alstott and quarterback Doug Williams will both be inducted into their Ring of Honor this season.  And then also yesterday, the Denver Broncos announced that owner Pat Bowlen will be inducted into their Ring of Fame.

So with all of this talk going on about people being inducted into the Ring of Honor for other teams, let's talk about the Colts' Ring of Honor for a moment.  Currently, these names occupy spots in the rafters of Lucas Oil Stadium: owner Robert Irsay, wide receiver Bill Brooks, head coach Ted Marchibroda, offensive lineman Chris Hinton, quarterback Jim Harbaugh, head coach Tony Dungy, wide receiver Marvin Harrison, running backs Edgerrin James, Eric Dickerson, and Marshall Faulk, and the 12th Man (the fans).

We should go ahead and consider quarterback Peyton Manning, wide receiver Reggie Wayne, and pass rusher Dwight Freeney locks to make it into the Ring of Honor at some point, but since all three are still playing then the Colts are likely waiting to do so.  But both Wayne and Freeney are currently unsigned, so if one of them opts to officially retire before the 2015 season, perhaps their induction could take place during the season.

Other names to consider for the Colts Ring of Honor include general manager Bill Polian and center Jeff Saturday, as well as offensive coordinator Tom Moore once he retires from the game as well.  Current players like pass rusher Robert Mathis and kicker Adam Vinatieri could also have intriguing cases, and there are always guys like tight end Dallas Clark to throw into the discussion as well.

One thing the Colts have to be careful of is putting so many people into their Ring of Honor that it becomes less special or less of an honor, but after such a successful decade there are certainly many names worth considering.  So if nothing else, this could provide a nice offseason discussion - who would you put into the Colts' Ring of Honor next?