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NFL Power Rankings: USA Today Ranks Colts Third

The USA Today released some way too early power rankings and they have the Colts at number three behind two NFC teams in the Seahawks and Packers.

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It's still May, and that means that it's way too early to begin seriously putting out power rankings, but since there's not much else to help us pass the time between now and the start of the season (other than offseason workouts), power rankings are at least something that predict how good teams are supposed to be and can at least serve as a talking point for now.

The USA Today recently released their initial power rankings, and while its still early, they think highly of the Indianapolis Colts, ranking them third behind only the Seahawks and the Packers.  Here's what they wrote about the Colts:

If they continue pattern of advancing one playoff run each year under Andrew Luck, they'll wind up reaching Super Bowl 50.

So USA Today has the Colts as the highest-ranked AFC team, and that fits right in line with what we've seen from the oddsmakers, as Bovada has the Colts as the AFC favorites and has the Colts with the third-best odds to win the Super Bowl.

If you couldn't tell from all of these rankings, people expect the Colts to be very good in 2015 - good enough to contend for a Super Bowl.  With Andrew Luck at quarterback and a very talented group of offensive skill players around him (T.Y. Hilton, Andre Johnson, Phillip Dorsett, Donte Moncrief, Coby Fleener, Dwayne Allen, Frank Gore, and Boom Herron), the team's offensive unit figures to be tremendous.  And if the defense could simply be improved from a year ago, that could help them get over that last hurdle and to the Super Bowl.  It's still way too early to do any of these power rankings for real, but the excitement continues to build surrounding the Indianapolis Colts.