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NFL Draft Power Rankings: Colts' 2015 Draft Class Ranked 20th ranked each 2015 draft class based on Gil Brandt's "hot 100" list of prospects, and the Indianapolis Colts came in at number 20.

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Two things that we've seen pop up in recent weeks are power rankings and draft grades - but what about a power ranking that ranks teams based on draft grades?  That's precisely what's Mike Huguenin did, as he took Gil Brandt's "hot 100 prospects" list and assigned point values to each pick (i.e. drafting the number one player on Brandt's board gets 100 points, drafting the number two player on Brandt's board gets 200 points, etc.).  By adding up the point values of the "hot 100" players picked by each team, the power rankings were then compiled.  And in these power rankings, the Indianapolis Colts didn't fare too well.

The Colts ranked 20th out of 32 teams, falling in the middle despite drafting three players on Brandt's "hot 100" list.

20. Indianapolis Colts: 137 points (3 players)

Overview: Indy got three Hot 100 players, but the Colts' first-round pick might have been a bit of a reach. WR Phillip Dorsett went 29th overall, but was ranked 40th by Brandt. CB D'Joun Smith, the Colts' second pick, might have been a bargain: He was 43rd on Brandt's list but went with the first pick of the third round (65th overall).
The players (points)
No. 40 WR Phillip Dorsett, Miami (61) 
No. 43 CB D'Joun Smith, Florida Atlantic (58) 
No. 83 DE Henry Anderson, Stanford (18)

One of the failures of this type of draft grade is that it doesn't account for later picks, as judging a 256 pick draft by just 100 picks might not be the most accurate way to go.  But with that said, the most significant picks would all be represented here, and as a result that at least gives us an idea of each team's draft class.  And this is a way to quantify draft picks when it's normally pretty hard to do so, and Gil Brandt's rankings should be taken as legitimate.

For the Colts, the thing that really hurt them in this power ranking was their first round pick of wide receiver Phillip Dorsett.  According to Brandt's rankings, the selection of Dorsett was the fifth-lowest ranking for a first round pick in this year's draft, as Dorsett came in at number 40 on the "hot 100."  The speedy receiver out of Miami was clearly the top ranked player on the Colts' board, however, and that's why they took him as they stayed true to their own draft board.

Selecting D'Joun Smith was a steal according to Brandt, however, as he should have been taken with the 11th pick in the second round instead of the first pick of the third round - meaning the Colts got him 22 spots later than Brandt's board would have had him going.  The selection of Anderson could also be considered a steal, as the Colts got Brandt's 83rd overall prospect with the 93rd overall pick.