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Andrew Luck Ranked as Sixth-Best Quarterback in NFL's Elliot Harrison ranked the top ten quarterbacks in the NFL and has Colts signal caller Andrew Luck at number six.

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The NFL offseason is a time of year where you'll find a number of rankings, whether they're power rankings, draft rankings, best player rankings, or perhaps everybody's favorite, quarterback rankings.'s Elliot Harrison set out to rank the league's ten best quarterbacks right now, and it was pretty much a given that Colts quarterback Andrew Luck would appear on the list.

Here's Harrison's top ten list: QB rankings

"Some people may think he needs to be higher," Harrison said of Luck at number six.  "I've always said with Andrew Luck, 'we need to tap the brakes.'  We're always talking about this guy like he's going to reside in the Hall of Fame if he hangs it up tomorrow.  Andrew Luck is a fantastic player - he's just not there yet.  If you look at Andrew Luck's career numbers, a lot of turnovers his passer rating isn't nearly as high as the other guys.  Is passer rating everything?  No, but it's a decent measure.  It's a decent measure.  There's yards per attempt, there's - as you mentioned - the fumbles.  Andrew Luck to me is the sixth-best quarterback going into this season, subject to change; he may be the fastest mover-uper, so to speak."

Sixth is probably about as low as you will find Andrew Luck ranked this offseason, and for everyone who has Luck there the number one argument against him will be "turnovers."  And let's be sure to give a lot of credit to host Marc Istook, who mentioned "fumbles" when Harrison was simply talking about turnovers.  Because if someone is going to use turnovers as an excuse, they should realize that Luck's interception percentage is actually pretty healthy (showing that, a lot of times, inflated interception numbers can be because of inflated attempts) but that his fumbles are an issue.

Being ranked as the sixth-best quarterback is still a very good ranking, placing Luck as one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and I think that a lot of people will say that six is even too low for him.  There's little doubt that he'll continue to rise up these lists after 2015, however, and he's clearly one of the league's top quarterbacks.

What do you think of this quarterback ranking?