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Rotoworld: Colts Have Best Quarterback Situation in the NFL

Rotoworld's Patrick Daugherty ranked the best quarterback situations in the NFL, and with Andrew Luck the Colts come in number one on the list.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The offseason is the time for rankings, and one of the most popular rankings that many people do every year is at the quarterback position.  Earlier today we looked at a ranking of the top ten quarterbacks in the NFL right now, and Andrew Luck was number six on that one.  But what about a ranking that factors in the future?  Aaron Rodgers is the clear number one quarterback in football right now and it's not that close, but Andrew Luck is the number one quarterback when keeping the future in mind (though Rodgers would likely get some votes too).

That's exactly what Rotoworld's Patrick Daugherty thinks as well, as he ranked each team's quarterback situation and has the Indianapolis Colts number one thanks to the 25-year old Luck - because, as he notes regarding the 31-year old Aaron Rodgers, "age is undefeated."  Here's what Daugherty wrote about the Colts' situation:

Hype sells jerseys, but it also brings the wolves to the door. Sports has a rich tradition of devouring its ChosenOnesTM just as quickly as it anoints them. That's what Andrew Luck was staring down when he entered the league as its most feted player since Michael Vick. For every LeBron James, there's a Freddy Adu. So which way did Luck break? Let's just put it this way — he has more soccer commercials than Adu. Still only 25, Luck has piloted three 11-win teams in three years, and come within one game of the Super Bowl. Detractors point to his turnovers as cause for concern, but just ask Brett Favre or Kurt Warner — you've got to risk some picks if you want to make some plays. Luck is cerebral. He is tough (100 sacks, zero games missed). He is athletic (he has four more career rushing touchdowns than Robert Griffin III). He is the best young quarterback in the NFL, and a building block to be envied by 31 other teams.

There's little doubt about Andrew Luck this high on the list, as most rival teams and rival fans would agree that the Colts are set up as well as anyone at quarterback.  Just 25 years old, Luck has already thrown for 12,957 yards and 86 touchdowns, made three Pro Bowls, led the league in touchdown passes (with 40 in 2014), broke Peyton Manning's franchise record for most passing yards in a single-season (with 4,761 in 2014), and has led the Colts to three playoff berths and two AFC South titles.  That's impressive for his first three seasons in the league, and the best is yet to come with Andrew Luck.

So while Luck isn't quite the best quarterback in the NFL right now, the Colts are still set up better than any other team because they have a quarterback who will be around for the next decade-plus and likely giving them high-level play.  That pushes them to number one, and that seems like the right ranking for them when considering the best quarterback situations.  And with all of this conversation, it brings with it this reminder once again: it's good to be a Colts fan, with Peyton Manning and now Andrew Luck under center wearing the horseshoe.