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2015 NFL Draft: Open Thread for Day Three of the Draft

Rounds four through seven of the NFL Draft take place today, and so here's an open thread for you to discuss what goes on.

Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

The end is in sight for the 2015 NFL Draft!  After round one took place on Thursday night and rounds two and three continued on Friday night, the draft wraps up today with rounds four through seven.  The draft will begin at noon eastern time and will be televised on NFL Network and ESPN.

Rounds four through six will continue on just like the third round, with teams having five minutes to make their picks.  In round seven, however, teams will have just four minutes to do so.  Once again, any compensatory pick (regardless of the round) will have a four-minute time limit, and those picks cannot be traded (the Colts will have one compensatory pick today - the second-to-last pick in the entire draft).

The Colts are currently scheduled to have six picks today, and then undrafted free agents will begin to leak out.  Here are the Colts' picks in the draft:

Here's an open thread to keep you entertained on day three of the draft as we await to see what the Colts do.