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2015 NFL Draft: Indianapolis Colts Pick Mars Hill Offensive Lineman Denzelle Good

With the 255th overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts selected Mars Hill offensive lineman Denzelle Good.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts entered the 2015 NFL Draft with one compensatory pick, the second-to-last pick in the entire draft at number 255 overall.  With that pick, their final pick of the draft, the Colts selected Mars Hill offensive lineman Denzelle Good.

Just like with seventh-round pick Ulrick John last year, this is a pick most haven't heard of.  In fact, no one even seems to know how to spell his name.  NFL Network displayed "Denzelle Good," the Colts said "Denzell Good," his profile on the Mars Hill team website says "Denzell Goode," and his apparent twitter profile has his name as "Denzelle Good."

[UPDATE: According to FOX59's Dave Griffiths, who spoke with Mars Hill's athletic department, his name is spelled Denzelle Goode.]

This pick stumped NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock, as he hadn't heard of him - which is truly an accomplishment, since Mayock knows pretty much everyone.

Goode is a 6-7, 320 pound lineman.

Here are the Colts' picks in the draft:

Here are the Colts remaining needs (in no particular order):

  • Running Back
  • Offensive Lineman
  • Defensive Lineman
  • Inside Linebacker
  • Pass Rusher
  • Safety