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Colts Rookie Phillip Dorsett will Attend NFL Rookie Premiere this Weekend

Colts rookie wide receiver Phillip Dorsett will represent the Colts at the NFL Rookie Premiere this weekend in Los Angeles.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The annual NFL Rookie Premiere is a time where some of the top rookies from that year come together to "learn the business of football," as the NFLPA puts it.  There will be a number of potential business partners on hand at the event, and the rookies will learn about financial planning and how to build their own personal brand.  This year's event will be held from May 28-31 in Los Angeles.

More than 40 of the league's top rookies are planning to attend, including the Indianapolis Colts' first round draft choice, wide receiver Phillip Dorsett.  It is likely (though currently unknown) that the Rookie Premiere will force Dorsett to miss one of the OTA sessions for the Colts this week.  The NFLPA released the names early this year, likely in part so as to avoid any confusion if a player is absent from an OTA session later this week.  Donte Moncrief represented the Colts at the Rookie Premiere last year.

This is a great opportunity for younger players entering the league to get some really good advice as they are just beginning their NFL career, and it would be a beneficial experience for most rookies to go through, not just the top rookies.  They get instruction on how to handle the money that they now have pouring in and how to manage their own personal brand through sponsorships and partnerships.  There will be a number of potential partners on hand, and the event will include everything from lectures to trading card photo shoots to meeting other rookies and so much more.

So if you're wondering where Colts rookie wide receiver Phillip Dorsett will be this weekend, the answer is in Los Angeles, California, attending the annual Rookie Premiere.