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Colts will travel the third-fewest miles of any NFL team for 2015 road games

The Indianapolis Colts will travel just 8,914 miles to their eight road games in 2015, the third-fewest of any team in the league.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after the 2015 NFL regular season schedule was announced, we mentioned how it looks very favorable for the Indianapolis Colts.  From the strength of schedule (second-easiest in the league based off of 2014 records) to when the Colts make road trips (going to Buffalo in September and Miami in December) and even to how many miles they will have to travel overall.

CBS Sports' John Breech looked at the travel miles for each NFL team to away games and found that the Colts will travel the third-fewest miles of any team, traveling just 8,914 miles to their eight road games.  The only teams that will travel fewer miles than the Colts are the Philadelphia Eagles (6,818) and the Washington Redskins (7,150).  The San Francisco 49ers will travel the most miles of any team in the league (27,998).

This year, the Colts will travel to Buffalo, Tennessee, Houston, Carolina, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Miami.  According to Pro Football Reference, here is how each road game breaks down in terms of miles traveled for the Colts:

at Buffalo Bills - 436 miles

at Tennessee Titans - 250 miles

at Houston Texans - 871 miles

at Carolina Panthers - 427 miles

at Atlanta Falcons - 426 miles

at Pittsburgh Steelers - 328 miles

at Jacksonville Jaguars - 700 miles

at Miami Dolphins - 1,014 miles

That's not a bad schedule at all, and the Colts avoid any trips to the west coast, as the furthest west they will travel is to Houston, and they also don't travel to London, both of which were factors in mileage numbers getting driven up for the 2015 season.  Instead, the Colts will travel just the third-fewest miles of any NFL team to road games this year, yet another reason why their schedule is very favorable to the team.