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Colts 2015 Player Preview: Wide Receiver Phillip Dorsett

The Indianapolis Colts will report to training camp on August 1 with a 90-man roster, and we'll be taking a look at every single player on the roster (though it obviously will change some) as we approach camp. Today, we look at wide receiver Phillip Dorsett.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

When the Indianapolis Colts initially drafted wide receiver Phillip Dorsett in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft, there was a lot of disbelief and anger from Colts fans who had wanted the team to address the defensive side of the football with their top pick.

While the pick is still far from being considered an "A-plus" by most fans, however, fans seemed to have embraced the pick much more as the weeks have gone on - perhaps mainly by realizing that Dorsett is, in fact, a very good player.

The speedster played in 45 games at Miami (starting 30), catching 121 passes for 2,132 yards and 17 touchdowns, averaging 17.6 yards per reception.  He was the highest available player on the Colts' board in the draft, and they drafted him to add to their receiver position.  They think that he can be a key weapon ofor Andrew Luck and they plan on utilizing his speed, and so far he has impressed.  He has caught the eye of coaches, players, and media alike and has showed off his speed and receiving skills in OTAs - leaving many excited to see what he continues to do as he progresses.

Phillip Dorsett will make the 53-man roster, but the real question is how much playing time he will get.  With T.Y. Hilton and Andre Johnson as the top two wideouts, Dorsett and Donte Moncrief will likely compete for the number three spot.  It's likely that the Colts would opt to use Dorsett from the slot more, though they could also move Hilton there and Dorsett outside or even Johnson in the slot and the two speedsters in Hilton and Dorsett outside.  There are a lot of ways that the team could use their young wideout, and he figures to still have a significant role in the offense this year as a rookie, even if playing behind Hilton, Johnson, and Moncrief.  In a passing offense led by Andrew Luck, he'll get opportunities.

He may also get the opportunity to return kicks and punts as well, as shortly after the team drafted him they waived return specialist Josh Cribbs, and Dorsett did spend time returning at Miami.  It's likely that he is the favorite at those positions as well, though that could change as we get closer to the season.

In short, expect to see quite a bit of Phillip Dorsett this season as a rookie, and if early workouts and OTAs are any indication, he will impress.  If nothing else, the Colts will absolutely be able to take advantage of his speed in the passing game, but odds are that they'll be able to find other uses for him in the offense and in the return game as well.