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Report: Multiple Colts Players Unhappy that Team Drafted a Wide Receiver in First Round

According to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, multiple Colts players are unhappy that the team drafted a wide receiver - Phillip Dorsett - in the first round rather than focusing on more pressing needs.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday night, when the Indianapolis Colts spent their first round pick on wide receiver Phillip Dorsett, a number of fans were unhappy with the pick, shocked that the team would take a receiver in the first round instead of one of their more pressing needs.  It sounds like Colts fans weren't alone in those feelings.

According to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, citing a league source, "multiple" Colts players are unhappy with the team's decision to draft a receiver in the first round.

Per a league source, multiple Colts players aren't happy with the team's draft strategy, specifically with the decision to use a first-round pick on receiver Phillip Dorsett.

The thinking is that the Colts should have taken a safety like Landon Collins or a tackle (defensive or offensive) with the 29th overall pick in the draft.  A receiver could have been taken later than round one, and he would have arrived with less of a presumption that:  (1) he'll be on the field; and (2) he'll have the ball thrown his way plenty.

This shouldn't be surprising, and in order to determine just how much weight to put into this report we would need to know who it was that was unhappy.  Was it only the wide receivers who were unhappy - those players who might see less playing time because of Dorsett?  If these feelings are just because of someone losing a job or playing time, then this would be nothing out of the ordinary.  But if these are players whose playing time isn't directly impacted by the pick, then it's pretty significant.

Understand that these are players looking to win a championship.  For many of them, there's no guarantee for 2015, much less past it.  So it would make sense for players not to be happy about a pick that was focused on the future, as the players especially want to win now.  Dorsett will be able to help the Colts in 2015, but certainly not as much as some other players who were available at the pick might have been able to.

Right now we don't have enough information to determine just how big of an issue this could be, but it wouldn't be the first time that Colts players disagreed with the management over roster issues.  This is absolutely something to keep an eye on, but for right now that's about all it is.  One thing is clear, however: the pressure is on Phillip Dorsett to prove Ryan Grigson right and quiet the doubters both on the outside and the inside.