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2015 NFL Draft: Mel Kiper Grades the Indianapolis Colts' 2015 Draft Class

ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. handed out draft grades for every team, so let's take a look at how he graded the Colts' 2015 draft class.

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

The 2015 NFL Draft has concluded, and that means it's time for some very early draft grades!  You can find our grades for the Indianapolis Colts' draft here, but let's take a look at what some others in the media had to say about the team's draft this year, and in particular let's look at what ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. had to say about it.

Kiper began by listing the criteria that he grades teams on, which is very helpful to know up front about how he is evaluating their draft class:

How much overall talent did a team add, based on board position?

How effectively did they address key personnel voids?

How efficient were they in maneuvering on the draft board?

After laying out those criteria, plus acknowledging the fact that he's going off of his player grades and not the grades that teams gave players, he started to grade the teams.  His best grades (an A-minus) went to the Seattle SeahawksPittsburgh SteelersBaltimore RavensWashington Redskins, and New York Jets.  The Indianapolis Colts, meanwhile, were tied for the 18th-best grade given out by Kiper to teams (and third out of the four AFC South teams, ahead of just the Tennessee Titans).

Kiper gave the Colts a B-minus grade, writing:

The Colts managed to get several of my favorite players in the draft, yet I still think they continue to play with fire by not doing more to build quality depth along the offensive line. Phillip Dorsett is an absolute burner who can actually catch the ball, and if you like T.Y. Hilton, I think you're going to love Dorsett. A great player ... but a big need? That looked to me like a clear case of "best player available" drafting. D'Joun Smith is a solid sleeper cornerback and a decent value at No. 65 overall, and I think Henry Anderson is going to be a good defensive lineman in this league for a while. I like three of those guys, andAmarlo Herrera could be a nice value late. David Parry is also a ball of muscle and has a chance to stick and deliver value in a rotation. If there's a big gripe, it's the Colts seem to consistently take for granted that Andrew Luck won't get hurt despite all the hits. They didn't add serious talent at tackle or guard, and I think more bodies and competition up front would make a difference for a team that really should have Super Bowl aspirations. Hopefully, they stay healthy up front.

If you ask me, I think this is a pretty fair grade -  but what do you think of Mel Kiper's grade for the Colts' 2015 draft class?