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Super Bowl 50 Odds: Colts Have Fourth-Best Odds Post-Draft

According to Bovada, the Colts have the fourth-best odds to win Super Bowl 50.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

All of the moves that teams made this offseason are with one ultimate goal in mind: winning the Super Bowl.  For some, this is a more realistic goal than others, but for all this is a hope and what they are building toward.  For the Indianapolis Colts, however, this is a very realistic goal for 2015 and beyond and the expectations are very high in Indianapolis.

It's not just Indianapolis where the expectations are high, though, as the team has the fourth-best odds to win Super Bowl 50, per Bovada.  The Colts have 8/1 odds, while only the Seattle Seahawks (11/2), Green Bay Packers (7/1), and New England Patriots (15/2) have better odds.  Behind the Patriots and the Colts, the Denver Broncos (14/1), Baltimore Ravens (25/1), and Pittsburgh Steelers (25/1) have the best odds among AFC teams to win the Super Bowl.

Interestingly, however, the Colts and the Patriots are actually tied as to who the favorite is to win the AFC, with both teams having 7/2 odds, with the Denver Broncos third with 6/1 odds.

And in case you were wondering, the Colts are clearly the favorites to win the AFC South.  Here are the odds for the division winner:

Indianapolis Colts:  1/4

Houston Texans:  9/2

Tennessee Titans:  12/1

Jacksonville Jaguars:  20/1

So while Colts fans are very excited about the 2015 season and have very high expectations, it's clear that the same could be said of fans around the country, as the Colts have the best odds to win the AFC South, are tied for the best odds to win the AFC, and have the fourth-best odds to win the Super Bowl.