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Colts Sign Five Draft Picks

The Colts tonight signed draft picks Clayton Geathers, David Parry, Josh Robinson, Amarlo Herrera and Denzelle Good.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

With the new rookie wage scale in place, there's not much discussion or negotiation that takes place when it comes to rookie contracts.  And with the Indianapolis Colts beginning their rookie minicamp this weekend, it makes sense that they would want to get some of their draft picks under contract.

They've begun to do just that, as they signed five of their draft picks to contracts tonight: safety Clayton Geathers (fourth round), defensive tackle David Parry (fifth round), running back Josh Robinson (sixth round), inside linebacker Amarlo Herrera (sixth round) and offensive lineman Denzelle Good (seventh round).

Here are the contract numbers for each, according to Spotrac:

Geathers - 4-year, $2,813,930 with $533,930 signing bonus

Parry - 4-year, $2,500,008 with $220,008 signing bonus

Robinson - 4-year, $2,388,166 with $106,166 signing bonus

Herrera - 4-year, $2,384,656 with $104,656 signing bonus

Good - 4-year, $2,332,783 with $52,783 signing bonus

The rest of the draft picks will be signed soon enough, as again, there's not much negotiation with the rookie wage scale.  As of tonight, however, the Colts already have five of their eight picks signed.