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La'El Collins Signs with the Cowboys

Undrafted free agent offensive lineman La'El Collins has signed with the Cowboys.

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

The story of undrafted offensive lineman La'El Collins has been a crazy, unprecedented one.  Collins was a first round talent but went undrafted due to the timing of a murder investigation in which police wanted to talk with Collins, though he wasn't a suspect.  Teams stayed away from him because of the investigation, however, and that led to the unprecedented situation in which a first round talent went undrafted and had a number of teams interested in him.

The pursuit is over, however, as Collins today signed with the Dallas Cowboys - a team that already boasts the best offensive line in football.  For the Cowboys, that makes their rookie haul even more impressive, as they got three first-round caliber players in cornerback Byron Jones (with their first round pick), pass rusher Randy Gregory (with their second round pick), and offensive lineman La'El Collins (as an undrafted free agent).

Many Colts fans will be disappointed by this news, as they wanted Collins to sign with the Colts.  And it was thought by many that the Colts would be an intriguing option for Collins, since they could use the help up front on their line and since they boast one of the league's top offenses with Andrew Luck at quarterback.  I'm sure the Colts were interested in him, but Collins has opted to sign with Dallas.

So we've now come to the end of this very strange saga with La'El Collins, but something tells me that we'll continue to hear a lot about him over the coming years as he plays under an undrafted free agent contract versus a first round contract.