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Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano on Deflategate: "We've Moved On"

Colts head coach Chuck Pagano spoke to the media today and, of course, was asked about deflategate, but he dodged the questions and emphasized that, "we've moved on."

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Wells Report on Deflategate was released on Wednesday, Colts head coach Chuck Pagano hadn't spoken to the media, so with the coach being available in a press conference today on the first day of rookie mini-camp, everyone knew that questions about the Wells Report were coming.

Pagano deflated those questions pretty quickly, though, by re-routing them to another topic, refusing to say much about the investigation or the findings.

"Really, we've moved on in our focus," Pagano told the media.  "These young guys, our draft choices, the CFAs, the tryout guys, evaluating these guys, seeing exactly what we have, see who we're going to keep for the ninety [man offseason roster] out of this group, keep building this program for sustained success.  And to our fans, make sure that we do our job and we focus on us.  No mental clutter; focus on us.  And we put the very best product that we can on that football field.  And that's what our fans deserve."

Pagano was then asked a follow-up question about Deflategate and about whether he has read the report, whether it be the whole thing, a cliff notes version, or nothing at all.

"You know what's exciting to me is seeing Phillip Dorsett run around today at practice," Pagano responded.  "To finally see D'Joun - make sure you guys have got his name down, it's like the mustard, ok? - D'Joun Smith work.  Anderson, Parry, we've got a bunch of great guys.  We've got 46 guys here that are excited as heck to be here, fired up to be Colts, and fired up to be on the grass working at their craft.  That's what we're worried about."

So while the rest of the football world is focused on Deflategate and while it would make sense for the Colts to have an interest in the findings since their AFC Championship game against the Patriots was the first major point of the investigation, the Colts aren't talking about it.  This doesn't surprise anybody, but Chuck Pagano this afternoon wanted to talk about anything but the findings of the Wells Report.  For the Colts, they're clearly on to rookie mini-camp.