Tom Brady Will Be Suspended for Deflategate

Links everywhere, including SI, CBS Sports, Yahoo, ESPN, etc. Some saying 1-2 games, others saying 4 is likely, some saying 6-8 and some even saying it could be a season ban as the NFL see's this as very clear cheating.

The Colts play the Patsies in week 6. My question for you is 1.) How long of a suspension do you think Brady deserves (or if you don't think he deserves one, please leave this site) and 2.) Do you WANT him to play in the week 6 matchup?

I think he deserves 6-8. He has been grossly cheating for years, and anyone who has seen the Patsies fumble rates since teams were allowed to bring their own footballs knows this has had a huge impact in helping the Patsies win. There is clear evidence in texts that Brady knew about it. Since there is not evidence that Belicheat knew (he did, but no evidence) or Kraft or anyone else higher up, you have to take this out on Brady. The Patsies have cheated before and will again. However, I do want to see him when we play the Patsies. If we beat them without Brady, they will say "yeah, well you didn't play us with Tommy". And I don't want to think about losing to them without Brady. Also, I want to play the best to get us ready for the playoffs.

Weigh in. How long should Tommy be suspended and do you want to see him in week 6?

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