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Report: Tom Brady will be Suspended

According to the New York Times' Gary Myers, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be suspended by the NFL for his role in deflategate; the only question remaining is how long the suspension will be.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, the Wells Report with the findings of an investigation into deflategate was released, and it wasn't a good look for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.  The report found enough evidence to suggest that not only was Brady at least aware of what was going on with the deflation of footballs, he also lied about it and didn't fully cooperate with the investigation.

It's a situation that many fans, media members, and people within the league are watching very closely, to see what the NFL does to its "golden boy" quarterback and a franchise owned by one of Roger Goodell's biggest supporters in Robert Kraft.  And according to the New York Daily News' Gary Myers, Tom Brady will indeed be suspended, with the only remaining question being how long the suspension will be.  Myers reports that the discipline will be announced sometime next week.

Wrote Myers:

In conversations I've had with several key sources who always have a good sense of what goes on at 345 Park Ave., there is little doubt that Goodell considers Brady's role in DeflateGate a serious violation.

The NFL is convinced, according to sources, that connecting all the dots of the evidence supplied by Ted Wells leads to one conclusion:

Brady cheated.

Myers mentions that a season-long suspension for Brady is very unlikely to happen and is "way off," and the author speculates that it might end up being a two-game suspension.  While there are a lot of different estimates our there right now, it seems likely to be in that two to six game range for a suspension for one of the league's biggest stars.  If it ends up being a four-game suspension, that would mean that Tom Brady's first game back with the Patriots would be in week six on Sunday Night Football in Indianapolis against the Colts.  Talk about drama and TV ratings - that would be a massive game.

We'll have to wait and see how long Brady is indeed suspended, but according to Gary Myers, it's no longer a matter of "if" but simply "how long" the NFL will suspend Brady.