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Conflicting reports emerge regarding Colts' level of interest in Evan Mathis

Conflicting reports have emerged regarding the Colts' level of interest in recently-released Eagles guard Evan Mathis. WTHR's Bob Kravitz doesn't think the team will pursue Mathis, while ESPN's John Clayton puts the Colts among the four teams most interested.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, two-time Pro Bowl guard Evan Mathis was released by the Philadelphia Eagles after wanting a new contract (he was set to make $5.5 million with the Eagles in 2015).  Mathis is regarded as one of the best guards in football by a number of people, and to see someone of his caliber hit the free agent market in June is very rare.  Mathis' agent said last week that there were already "at least a half a dozen" teams that had expressed interest in the guard.

Could the Colts be one of them?  They could certainly use help at guard, and the addition of Mathis, though he's 33 years old, would be an immediate upgrade up front and would figure to help the team significantly.  Also, considering Ryan Grigson's Philly connections and his tendency to bring some former Eagles to the Colts (such as offensive lineman Todd Herremans earlier this offseason), many thought that the Colts might pursue the guard.

So far, conflicting reports have emerged regarding whether the Colts are indeed interested.  On Saturday, WTHR's Bob Kravitz said that, after asking around, he doesn't expect the team to go after Mathis.

Today, however, ESPN's John Clayton answered some questions in a mailbag, and one of the questions was about whether the Broncos were going after the former Eagles guard.  Clayton began his answer with something interesting - by including the Colts among the four teams most interested in Mathis.

The Broncos aren't among the four main teams looking at Mathis (Indianapolis, Kansas City, Miami and San Francisco).

According to Clayton, then, the Colts, Chiefs, Dolphins, and 49ers are the teams that seem to be looking at Mathis the most, which is particularly interesting given Kravitz's statement the other day.

So what's the reality?  Are the Colts going after Evan Mathis?  It's hard to tell.  I'd be shocked if they haven't at least inquired of him, but his price tag (he'll likely want higher than the $5.5 million he was due to make in Philly) and his age (33 years old, will turn 34 in November) could result in a team being interested but not really pursuing him.  We just don't know right now whether or not the Colts are going after Mathis, but he would certainly help them out if they did indeed sign the ten-year veteran.