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Colts' Linemen to be Featured in ESPN's Body Issue

If you decide to purchase a copy of ESPN's Body Issue this year, you'll be seeing some Colts' players. Linemen Anthony Castonzo, Todd Herremans, and Jack Mewhort will appear in this year's issue.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time of year again when any Colts "news" passes as Colts news.

ESPN announced the athletes who would be featured in this year's edition of the Body Issue of the ESPN Magazine. Colts fans will see three of their own featured in the issue.

Offensive linemen Anthony Castonzo, Todd Herremans, and Jack Mewhort will all be featured in the upcoming issue. According to the Colts website, part of the reason ESPN is including the trio is to hep capture the aspect of strength in this year's edition.

In an interview with ESPN, Mewhort had this to say about being asked to be featured in the magazine,

"I've always been a big kid. That's why when I got this call I was like 'They want to see me naked?' I thought I was getting punked."

It's an interesting choice to include linemen in the issue. Typically ESPN brings out the big names for the Body Issue (and offensive linemen aren't big names), and this year, as a whole is no exception. Joining Herremans, Castonzo, and Mewhort are Odell Beckham Jr., Bryce Harper, Kevin Love, and Brittney Griner (to name a few) will also be in this year's magazine.

Castonzo is the longest tenured Colt out of this trio, being drafted in 2011. Mewhort will be entering his second season in the league, and Herremans was just acquired this off-season.

I'm also fairly certain this is the first time any Colts players have been featured in the issue.

Despite not having seen too much of them on the field (other than Castonzo) Colts fans will get to see plenty of these three in ESPN's magazine.