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Andre Johnson: Andrew Luck is the best quarterback in the NFL

Wide receiver Andre Johnson has yet to play a game with his new quarterback Andrew Luck, but he isn't shy in his praise for the Colts' signal caller, calling him the best quarterback in the NFL.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Veteran wide receiver Andre Johnson signed with the Colts earlier this offseason, and he has yet to play a single game with his new teammates.  The work they have put in has been limited to workouts and OTAs, but that doesn't mean that Johnson is holding back his praise, particularly for the quarterback that was a major reason for Johnson coming to Indianapolis in the first place, Andrew Luck.

"He's a hell of a player," Johnson said of Luck today as mandatory mini-camp got underway, according to ESPN's Mike Wells.  "I think he's the best quarterback in this game."

He hasn't been shy of his praise for Luck before, as after just his second practice with the team, Johnson said that Luck is the best quarterback he's played with.  One of the driving factors in Johnson coming to Indy was to play with a legitimate top-tier quarterback, and that's exactly what he found in Indianapolis with Andrew Luck.  Of course Johnson came to Indy looking to win a Super Bowl, but he knows that to do that it most often takes a great quarterback.

"When you look at all the teams that have won Super Bowls over the past few years," Johnson noted, "they've all had great quarterback play, and we have a great quarterback here.  I can't say I've been fortunate enough to play with a great quarterback in my 12 years in this league, so I'm able to play with one now."

Johnson has had a terrific career that will merit consideration for the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day, but he hasn't had stellar quarterback play.  Among those to play with Johnson are the likes of Ken DorseyRex GrossmanTom Savage, David Carr, Tony Banks, Sage RosenfelsT.J. Yates, Jake Delhomme, Matt LeinartMatt SchaubCase KeenumRyan Mallett and Ryan Fitzpatrick.  The best of that group was Matt Schaub, and there's little doubt that Luck is already better than Schaub was.  If you ask Johnson, he thinks Luck is better than any quarterback in the NFL.

While it's hard to see Luck as a better quarterback than Aaron Rodgers right now, for a receiver who hasn't had consistent, good quarterback play for his entire career, playing with Andrew Luck has to be a dream come true.  In just his third year in the league, Luck broke Peyton Manning's single-season franchise record for passing yards and led the entire league in touchdown passes.  He figures to only get better, and adding Andre Johnson will certainly help as well.