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Colts' Andrew Luck the 5th-highest rated quarterback in Madden NFL 16

Colts' quarterback Andrew Luck is the fifth-highest rated player at his position in Madden NFL 16 with a 94 overall rating.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Many NFL fans love the incredibly-popular Madden video game series, and once the newest version of the game, Madden NFL 16, is released this August it is sure to be an instant hit as well.  It gives fans the opportunity to play with their favorite team(s) and their favorite player(s), as well as a number of other features that give you control of the franchise as you try to win, whether in dynasty mode or against your friends.

Colts fans will have the luxury of playing with one of the league's best at the most important position in the game, as Andrew Luck is the fifth-highest rated quarterback in this year's game, coming in with a 94 overall rating.

Here's what EA Sports' release of the top five QB ratings said about Luck:

Luck boasts the same league-high 95 Throw on the Run as Big Ben, with comparable accuracy at 88 TAS/89 TAM/75 TAD. He also features 95 Throw Power and 92 Play Action.

The top five quarterbacks are as follows, with their overall rating in parenthesis:

1.  Aaron Rodgers (99)

2.  Tom Brady (97)

3.  Drew Brees (95)

3.  Ben Roethlisberger (95)

5.  Andrew Luck (94)

For Colts fans who love to play as their favorite team (and why wouldn't you want to play with the Colts?), they'll have one of the highest-rated quarterbacks in the game on their side.  The rest of the offense should be pretty fun to play with as well, though we don't know the ratings of them yet (other than the fact that we know Phillip Dorsett isn't among the top-ten rated rookies and that Frank Gore isn't among the top-five rated running backs, neither of which are surprises).  If you're interested in other Madden ratings, EA Sports is slowly releasing them here, so check back often to see updated position rankings.