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Colts 2015 Player Preview: Wide Receiver Andre Johnson

The Indianapolis Colts will report to training camp on August 1 with a 90-man roster, and we'll be taking a look at every single player on the roster (though it obviously will change some) as we approach camp. Today, we look at wide receiver Andre Johnson.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

One of the Colts' biggest offseason acquisitions was at the wide receiver position, as they signed the much sought-after Andre Johnson shortly after he was released from the Houston Texans.  The veteran wideout will be the team's number two receiver and should provide a nice possession receiver for Andrew Luck.

In his 12-year NFL career so far (all with the Texans), Johnson has caught 1,102 passes for 13,597 yards and 64 touchdowns, averaging 12.3 yards per reception.  For much of his time in Houston, Johnson was on a sub-par team and playing with sub-par quarterback talent, leading to some frustration later in his career.  But Johnson has consistently been one of the best receivers in football for the past decade and has compiled a resume that could put him into consideration for the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day.  For now, however, Johnson is just looking forward to playing with a good quarterback, and he has already called Andrew Luck the best quarterback he has played with despite not yet taking the field for an actual game with the Colts.

The Colts have a lot of talent at the wide receiver, but Andre Johnson's role isn't in jeopardy.  He's the possession receiver for the team, while many of the others (with the exception of T.Y. Hilton, who is a complete wide receiver) provide primarily a deep threat.  What the Colts really lacked last year was a reliable possession player, as Reggie Wayne struggled through injuries.  And then with the decision to not bring back Wayne this offseason, they also needed a veteran presence - making Andre Johnson a logical and perfect fit.  He if firmly entrenched in the number two wide receiver role for the Colts and should receive a number of opportunities despite playing in an offense that appears loaded with skill players.  One of Johnson's reasons for choosing the Colts was to play with Andrew Luck, and he'll get to do just that.  His other main reason?  Indianapolis is a great place for him to chase his first championship, and if Johnson steps up in this offense it should give even more reason to think that perhaps the Colts could get there in 2015.