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Stampede Blue Podcast Episode 1: Previewing Colts Training Camp 2015

In the return of the Stampede Blue podcast, Josh Wilson previews Colts training camp by answering twitter questions from fans.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the Colts reporting to training camp tomorrow and then starting practice on Sunday, there's a lot of excitement in Indianapolis surrounding the team and the high hopes for them this year (namely, the Super Bowl).

There's also a lot of excitement here at Stampede Blue, as training camp essentially begins another year of covering Indianapolis Colts football, and we're looking to make this our best season yet.  We're bringing back the popular "Luke Links" articles, as well as the weekly tweetbag from last year.  We're really focusing on our social media presence (like us on Facebook!), and one other thing that we'll be bringing back (by popular demand) is our podcast.

We used to do a podcast but last year took the year off, so we're bringing it back for the 2015 season.  It remains to be seen just how exactly we will use this, but the hope is to do this weekly throughout the year and talk about the relevant topics going on with the Colts, hopefully bringing in a number of guests and fellow Stampede Blue writers.

Tonight, we put out our first episode of Stampede Blue Radio, and you can listen to it below.  I'll just give you a warning, however: this is (hopefully) the worst podcast we'll produce, as it was essentially an excuse for us to get used to the software.  That's why you'll hear me start talking a few seconds early, and that's why you'll hear me utter a few too many "ums" - but hopefully, once we really get the show rolling, it will be an informative and enjoyable listen for you.

On tonight's show, we just took some twitter questions from fans and answered a number of some of the more prominent questions entering training camp.  Let us know what you'd like to hear on this podcast - do you like the Q&A and would like to see more of it?  Let us know!  Do you want to hear some guests on the show (which we're planning to do)?  Let us know that too!  Basically, what do you want this show to be?  That's what we're hoping to hear from you.

For now, however, you can listen to our first (test) episode here as we preview training camp:

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