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Colts offensive linemen pose naked for ESPN Magazine Body Issue

Three Colts offensive linemen - Anthony Castonzo, Jack Mewhort, and Todd Herremans - posed naked for ESPN Magazine's Body Issue.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, ESPN Magazine releases a "Body Issue" in which they get athletes to pose naked in appreciation of the human body.

This year, three Colts appear in the issue, as offensive lineman Anthony Castonzo, Jack Mewhort, and Todd Herremans all appear to show off their bodies.  Obviously, with them being offensive linemen - Castonzo is listed at 311 pounds, Mewhort is listed at 312, and Herremans at 323 pounds - they likely wouldn't be the first players you would think of to appear in this issue, and that reason also prompted Mewhort to think it was a joke at first.

"That's why when I got this call [to be in the Body Issue], I was like, "They want to see me naked?"  I thought I was getting punked," Mewhort said, according to ESPN.

It wasn't a prank, however, and the three Colts linemen appear comfortable with their own bodies and show them off in the ESPN Magazine Body Issue.

"I think the view of offensive linemen from the public is that we are all just fat slobs," Herremans told ESPN.  "Which is what it used to be, kind of.  But now the game has evolved into more fit, athletic offensive linemen.  So I would say that Anthony is probably the leanest out of all of us, and I'm probably the chubbiest.  Jack is somewhere in the middle.

The ESPN "Body Issue" appeared online today for the first time, and the Magazine will hit newsstands this Friday, July 10.  Below are some pictures of the Colts linemen, and while there isn't anything too graphic (thanks to nice camera angles and conveniently placed helmets), it's still three naked linemen.  Here are some of the photos: