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Three things we learned from the Colts' loss to the Eagles

The Colts lost to the Eagles in Sunday's preseason opener 36-10. Here are three things we learned.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 36-10 in Sunday's preseason opener.  What did we learn from the game?  Here are three takeaways (and we're using the team "learn" loosely):

The Colts may not have missed on this running back

The last player we saw wear number 34 for the Colts was a running back who they traded a first round pick to get.  Of course, as we all know, Trent Richardson struggled massively in Indianapolis until he was cut earlier this offseason.  The player wearing number 34 for the team now, however?  He's a rookie running back who has earned the nickname "bowling ball," and Sunday's game showed us that the Colts might not have struck out on him.  It's only one preseason game and a far cry from making it a successful pick, but Josh Robinson showed skills and potential on Sunday that make him exciting moving forward.  He rushed for 44 yards and a touchdown on 10 carries and added a catch for 11 yards out of the backfield.  He showed the elusiveness and quickness to make defenders miss and did a good job in the workload he had.  We should continue to see more and more of him if he continues to impress, and he's a guy that really could end up being a very nice pick for the Colts.  He wears the number 34, but from the first preseason game, it's already beginning to look like this move could turn out much better for the Colts.

Depth is still an issue

Preseason isn't as much of a time to judge starters as it is to judge depth.  And what we saw on Sunday helped highlight that the Colts' depth is still an issue.  They are still trying to find good starting options at some position, and they don't have depth at many positions either.  Take cornerback, for example.  Vontae Davis and Darius Butler were both out, and D'Joun Smith joined them early in the game by suffering a concussion, but the depth behind those players at cornerback was really exposed.  It's not too big of a deal to worry about, but these preseason games can help show us yet again that the Colts can't really afford too many injuries.  The one position they absolutely can't afford an injury to, however, is quarterback, and we saw on Sunday that the depth behind Andrew Luck didn't look very good either.  You can win without having great depth, but ideally some players would step up in preseason and earn a backup job that makes you a bit more comfortable.  There weren't many players doing that on Sunday.

It's only preseason

This is probably the biggest thing that we were reminded of: it's only preseason.  As FOX59's Mike Chappell points out, the Colts are 11-35 in the preseason since 2004 - and 122-54 in the regular season.  Under Chuck Pagano, the Colts are 4-9 in the preseason, including going 0-4 last year.  Through those first three years, the Colts have compiled a 33-15 regular season record with two division titles and three playoff wins.  This team never does well in the preseason, yet they always seem to do well in the regular season.  It's ok.  Even a 26-point loss in which they look terrible (like this one) isn't reason to freak out.  It's not reason to give up on Chuck Pagano.  It's not reason to give up hope for the season.  Heck, it's not really even a reason to still be upset today.  It's one preseason game and it really doesn't matter in the standings.  Sure, you'd like players to do better, and sure, some of the issues that came up could become concerns later on, but right now it's just the preseason.  The Colts will be fine when the regular season rolls around, and there's one main reason why: they'll have Andrew Luck playing all game.  And as long as that happens, the Colts will be perfectly alright and compete for a Super Bowl.  Sunday's game sucked, but that doesn't mean the entire 2015 season will be the same way.