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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler: Colts defense "won the day" on Wednesday

After completing the first of two joint practice sessions against each other, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler conceded that the Colts defense "won the day" on Wednesday.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

When it comes to a simple practice, even one that's between two teams like the joint practices going on currently between the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears, it's very hard to determine who won and who lost.  After all, they don't keep score and the results matter even less than the results of a preseason game.  It's all about the work you get done in the practice, not about who wins and loses.

That didn't keep Bears quarterback Jay Cutler from determining a winner and a loser from Wednesday's practice, however.  To him, it was clearly the Colts' defense.  "I thought they got after us," Cutler told the media after practice.  "I thought they won the day."  He noted that the Bears still need to fix a lot of things, will watch film, and try to make some corrections.'s Kevin Bowen had this to say about the defense's performance in Wednesday's practice:

Cutler mentioned a quick Colts defensive front (compared to the Bears front) as an area that gave the Bears offense some trouble. The Colts didn't force any turnovers during team drills on Wednesday but forced numerous throw aways and incomplete passes, with Owner Jim Irsay watching nearby.

Of course, the Bears were practicing without wide receivers Alshon Jeffery and Kevin White, as both players are out due to injury, and the Colts were helped out by the return of cornerback Vontae Davis to practice, but it's still worth noting when the opposing quarterback says the defense won the day.  We saw in training camp that the Colts' defense could hold it's own against the Colts' offense, but they didn't do it with much consistency.  On Wednesday against the Bears' offense, they put it together a bit more consistently and it led to a good day for them.

It's also worth noting that, after practicing against the Colts' offense, the Bears' offense likely doesn't seem as tough.  That's nothing against the Bears whatsoever and it's not meant to start a debate about Cutler, but it's just realistically pointing out that the Colts have one of the league's top quarterbacks, a proven running back, a loaded receiver position, and one of the league's best tight end duos.  There really isn't another team that has the offensive skill power like the Colts do, and so hopefully we'll see that prove beneficial to them moving forward.  After a rough defensive performance against the Eagles on Sunday, it's nice to hear about the