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Frank Gore on Colts quarterback Andrew Luck: "He's a football god"

New Colts running back Frank Gore appeared on the Jim Rome Show on CBS and talked about his new team and quarterback Andrew Luck, who he called "a football god."

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason, the Indianapolis Colts signed two prominent veteran players who have consistently produced over the past decade in running back Frank Gore and wide receiver Andre Johnson.  But while the two veterans figure to play huge roles in the offense this year, they haven't really stopped praising their 25-year old quarterback since arriving in Indianapolis.

We're talking, of course, about Andrew Luck, who has already emerged as one of the league's top quarterbacks despite playing just three years so far.  Appearing on the Jim Rome Show yesterday, Gore talked about what it is that makes his quarterback special.

"He runs meetings like a coach," Gore said.  "Basically, I'm playing with a coordinator on the field.  He's a football God.  He sees everything, and he sees the big picture of everything… He's different.  He knows what's coming.  He lets me know when [there's] something I don't see.  He's just different.  How he's in the huddle, off the field, in the meetings, he runs it.  He runs the show, even in the off-season, he ran it.  One day he had running backs, the next day he has receivers.  He's just different.  He's a football God."

One of the major factors in Gore deciding to come to Indianapolis was that he thinks the team gives him a great chance to win the Super Bowl - something he acknowledged in the interview ("I think we've got a great shot," Gore said).  Of course, the main reason the Colts have a great shot is due to Andrew Luck, their star quarterback.

Now, with Gore added to the mix, it should make the offense even more dangerous, because not only do they have Luck and a loaded wide receiver position, but they've also got a running back who has consistently produced and is as reliable as they come.  He said that he wants to be a big part of the team and thinks he can still produce.

"I still love the game, I know I can still play this game," Gore said.  "I guess if I'm watching my film, even though I didn't play as much as I wanted to last year, so when I got the opportunities, I did great with the opportunities that I did have last year.  And like I told them, I want to have a shot to win a Super Bowl, and I think this organization has a great chance.  And if I come here I'm going to give them my all."

With Andrew Luck, Frank Gore, Andre Johnson, T.Y. Hilton, and others, this team certainly has a great shot at making and winning the Super Bowl.  That's the reason Gore and Johnson decided to sign with the Colts in the first place - though the quarterback had quite a bit to do with it as well.