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Colts cornerback Greg Toler "week to week" with neck strain

Head coach Chuck Pagano mentioned today that cornerback Greg Toler is "week to week" with a neck strain.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

During Saturday's preseason loss to the Bears, Colts starting cornerback Greg Toler suffered a neck strain that caused him to miss the remainder of the game.  Of course, with it being preseason nobody thought twice about him not returning, since players almost never return to a preseason game if injured.

Initially, head coach Chuck Pagano had said that the Colts diagnosed Toler as "day to day."  Today, however, Pagano mentioned during his press conference that Toler is now "week to week," representing a clear downgrading in his status and meaning that he could miss some time.  After talking with the team doctors the Colts decided to label him as "week to week instead."

With the Colts, the designation of a player being "week to week" typically means that he will miss significant time, because even "day to day" could put a player out a week or two.  Last week, the Colts said that Hugh Thornton will be week to week with a knee injury and it is assumed that he will be out for several weeks, so we'll have to wait and see about Toler's status moving forward.  But with the Colts, "week to week" normally means a player will miss time.  These terms are very vague in their definitions, but that's generally what we've seen from the Colts.

This of course poses the question of depth at the position for the Colts.  Toler is the team's starter alongside Vontae Davis, while Darius Butler occupies the slot.  But then after that?  It seems that rookie D'Joun Smith could be in line for the number four cornerback spot, but Jalil Brown could step in as well.  If Toler does miss time, I'd think that Smith might get the first look, but it's clear that it wouldn't be ideal for the team based on their lack of depth.  The best option?  Hope that Greg Toler returns quickly.