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Colts vs. Bills Second Half Open Thread

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

That was rough.  The Indianapolis Colts were completely outplayed in the first half of their game against the Buffalo Bills and trail at halftime 17-0.

Andrew Luck looked off, the Colts couldn't protect Luck, Rex Ryan brought a number of blitzes that confused the Colts, penalties disrupted drives, and a few big plays hurt the defense.  Tyrod Taylor looks good and the Bills defense looks fantastic, and we shouldn't be surprised to see the Bills playing well, as they're a good team.  But the Colts playing this badly?  That's a bit of a surprise, and another slow start has dug them into a big hole that they will need to dig themselves out of in the second half.

This wasn't so much about coaching as it was about the Colts just being flat out outplayed.  That's it.  And that has led to a number of struggles early on.  If you imagined a nightmare scenario entering the game, this would probably be close to it.

But here's the good news: there's still 30 more minutes of football left, so hopefully the Colts will be able to make a comeback.  Here's your open thread for the second half.