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D'Qwell Jackson calls loss a "good wake-up call" for the Colts

Colts inside linebacker D'Qwell Jackson said that the team's loss to the Buffalo Bills will provide a "good wake-up call" for the Colts.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts were beat pretty handily on Sunday by the Buffalo Bills, losing 27-14 in an ugly road opener.  Head coach Chuck Pagano said that the loss "will not define this football team," saying that the Colts will get better and work out some of the issues.

Inside linebacker D'Qwell Jackson also is confident that the team will improve.  "We couldn't stop them and you come out of this game with a good sense that we probably needed it," Jackson said, according to ESPN's Mike Wells.  "We got hit in the mouth.  It gets guys refocused, re-energized.  It was a good wake-up call for us."

Ok, wait a second.  The last time we saw the Colts on the field for a meaningful game before Sunday was in January's AFC Championship game, one in which the Colts gave up 397 yards of offense to the Patriots including 177 yards on the ground.  A game that the Patriots absolutely controlled and dominated in nearly every metric.  One that ended the Colts' season with am embarrassing 45-7 loss.  And then, since that moment, the Colts have had over seven months to dwell on that game.  Yet it took a week one loss to the Bills to provide a wake-up call?  Really?  Were they really that satisfied with the participation banner hanging in Lucas Oil Stadium that the loss to the Patriots didn't provide that wake-up call?

Let's give Jackson the benefit of the doubt in assuming that "wake up call" is just one of those things you say to give the media a quote after a bad loss, and let's hope that he's not seriously suggesting that the Colts really needed a wake-up call despite the loss to the Patriots still fresh in the minds of many.  Whatever the case is, however, hopefully the Colts will take this game seriously and improve on the issues.  The Colts will be fine.  This is just one game.  And take solace in the fact that the Colts will improve after receiving a wake-up call one game after their last wake-up call (though seven months removed).