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Chuck Pagano: Colts right tackle Jack Mewhort was "outstanding" in debut

Right tackle Jack Mewhort, who made his debut at right tackle for the Colts on Sunday, played "outstanding" according to head coach Chuck Pagano - and he's right.

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The Indianapolis Colts were defeated handily by the Buffalo Bills in week one, losing 27-14.  There were a lot of negatives from the game and a lot of players who were underwhelming, but at the same time there were players who impressed and looked very good.  One such player was Jack Mewhort, who was making his regular season debut at right tackle after starting at left guard last year.

"I thought he was outstanding," head coach Chuck Pagano said on Monday.  "It wasn't too big for him.  He had a great look in his eye.  I think he competed his tail off.  For the first outing out there, I think everybody but us was worried about how he was going to hold up.  But he did a really good job.  It's never going to be perfect, but he played well.  He'll be better.  Like everybody else, he'll be better this week.  Great start for him."

A lot of times, Pagano uses a lot of coach speak that isn't entirely indicative of how someone played.  This isn't one of those instances.  Pagano is absolutely right: Jack Mewhort did a fantastic job on Sunday.  There was a lot of concern about him after the second preseason game (with many people saying the Colts should just move him back to left guard), but on Sunday he was one of the biggest strengths on the offensive side of the football.  According to Pro Football Focus, Mewhort spent 53 snaps in pass protection on Sunday and allowed just one hurry on quarterback Andrew Luck.  The only other tackle in the entire NFL who played that many snaps and didn't allow a hurry?  Fellow Colt Anthony Castonzo.

There are still question marks about the offensive line, but those question marks are on the interior.  But against one of the league's best defensive fronts, Jack Mewhort - in his first career start at right tackle - played very well.  Moving forward, it seems as if the Colts have two very good bookends on their offensive line to protect Andrew Luck.  Their problem is the interior of the line, and while that will be an issue this year, it was very nice to see Mewhort look good on Sunday at right tackle.