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As investigation continues, roof at Lucas Oil Stadium to remain closed for Colts home opener

After a falling bolt injured three fans during the preseason finale, the roof at Lucas Oil Stadium will remain closed for the Colts' home opener on Monday Night Football against the Jets.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

During the Indianapolis Colts' preseason finale, a bolt from the roof of Lucas Oil Stadium fell as the roof was opening at halftime, injuring three fans.  The opening of the roof was halted during the game, and the roof will remain closed for Monday night's home opener at Lucas Oil as the Colts host the New York Jets on Monday Night Football.

The Capitol Improvement Board concluded this week that events could still go on as scheduled at the stadium (including the Colts' game) as long as the roof remains closed while the investigation into what caused the bolt to fall continues.  "We're going to bring everybody together and make absolute sure that we do have the correct answer, and that takes time," CIB Executive Director Barney Levengood said on Monday, according to FOX59.  "With an investigation, as always, you like to bring all the parties that are responsible, which are the designers, and the contractors, and the group that built the facility which is the state."

The Colts proposed a rule at this year's league meetings that would allow teams with a retractable roof in their stadium to open or close it at halftime of a game, whereas previously they were only allowed to make the decision before the game.  It makes a lot of sense for teams to be able to do this, and the Colts decided to take advantage of the new rule by opening the roof at halftime of the preseason game against the Bengals.  Of course, the process was halted by the falling bolt, and now the roof will remained closed for the time being.

The weather on Monday in Indianapolis is supposed to be very nice, so it's likely the roof would have been open otherwise, but it's not like the Colts are going to miss much by having the roof closed.  After all, it seems like the roof is most often closed anyway, with the stadium essentially being a dome with the possibility to open the roof for absolutely perfect weather conditions.

So, in other words, if you're planning on attending Lucas Oil Stadium for the Colts' home opener as they host the Jets, don't expect to see the roof open for the Monday Night Football contest.