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2015 NFL Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 2

Each week we'll predict each game using the Winning Stats, as well as make picks as if we're competing in the Las Vegas SuperContest.

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

A nice start to the 2015 season picking games, especially during the early set of games and in the primetime games. Against the Spread picks went 8-7-1, while picking winners struggled a tiny bit at 10-6. I'd really like to average 11 wins each week, so we'll hopefully make it up later.

I felt pretty confident about just four games last weekend, and this week I'm only seeing five of them (plus one total) that look promising. One of them is in the books already, as the Predictor liked the Broncos to win straight up, and it totally saw them scoring two TDs in 9 seconds to win 31-24. Totally.  Last week my SuperContest picks went 4-1, only losing on the Jarvis Landry punt return for the Dolphins. Ugh. More weeks like that one please. Here are my five for this week:

  • Broncos +3 at Chiefs
    Just in case you don't believe me, here's my tweet from last night. A win is a win, even in dramatic fashion.
  • Buccaneers +10 at Saints
    This is more about the Saints than it is the Buccaneers. I remember in Week 1 of 2013, the Colts were 10 point favorites over the Raiders, and I made the argument the Colts didn't deserve to be 10 point favorites against anyone, even the worst team in the NFL. The Colts won 21-17. Same goes here for the Saints. Just too many points.
  • 49ers +5.5 at Steelers
    It's rare to take a West Coast team at 1:00 in the east, especially on a short week, but I think this is a great match-up for the 49ers. A high scoring affair (like most Steelers games will be this year), and I think the 49ers win straight up without having to face Le'Veon Bell.
  • Jaguars +6 vs. Dolphins
    Going back to the same well as Week 1, taking a home dog, this time Jacksonville, against the Dolphins. The numbers are really not fond of the Dolphins, and these types of games hit well over 60% of the time.
  • Cowboys +5.5 vs. Eagles
    These two teams had polar opposite games a year ago, each blowing the other out on the road. Dallas couldn't have played any worse last week and still survived, so I expect them to play much better, even without Dez Bryant (who's absence moved the line over 2 points, which is way too much). I'm not all that high on the Eagles, and I expect the Cowboys to win this straight up, but I'll gladly take the 5.5.

Here are the rest of your Week 2 picks:

Home Score Away Score Probability
Chiefs 19 Broncos 22 59.6%
Vikings 23 Lions 25 55.7%
Bears 23 Cardinals 26 58.1%
Browns 20 Titans 23 56.7%
Bills 24 Patriots 22 54.9%
Panthers 20 Texans 16 61.6%
Steelers 27 49ers 28 53.2%
Bengals 24 Chargers 19 63.2%
Redskins 19 Rams 23 60.9%
Giants 26 Falcons 23 58.1%
Saints 25 Buccaneers 21 60.6%
Raiders 18 Ravens 20 54.8%
Jaguars 21 Dolphins 22 52.5%
Eagles 22 Cowboys 28 65.0%
Packers 27 Seahawks 26 53.0%
Colts 23 Jets 22 53.9%